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All the people who observe your profile will be from the target group you have specified. Each of these people will follow you on their own. The key to a successful campaign for you is to precisely define your target audience. If you don’t know your who your competitors are or profiles with similar themes, our experts can help you. In 6 years of using Loopie, we haven’t recorded a single instance of an account being banned on Instagram. The effects are visible immediately! Just be sure to add interesting content.

Our tool is based on a simple “follow for follow” mechanism. It works like this: the people liked by Loopie, according to the principle of reciprocity, will automatically respond by becoming your followers! Sound good? It’s even better in practice!

No. Using Loopie, your account reaches real followers from your chosen target audience. Our service follows followers from these groups on your behalf, and they start following you

You can do this manually. However, in our opinion, it’s a waste of time that you could be spending on creating interesting content. With Loopie, you don’t have to worry about gaining followers. We’ll do it for you.

Audience selection is based on your identification of 10 profiles (so-called source accounts) that are your competitors or those that inspire you. This allows us to reach people who are interested in the field you represent. Selecting the appropriate audience is the key to success.

Source accounts are the accounts of your biggest influencers, competitors, and similar industry profiles. With this information, we will be able to precisely determine the right target group for you and run Loopie on your account.

We need this information, so the sooner you give it to us, the sooner Loopie can start getting new followers for you.

You will gain a much larger audience than before, which will certainly translate into an increase in the number of customers and thus profits for your company. If you are a private individual, you will gain more opportunities to work with well-known brands. Choose LOOPIE and see for yourself!
No worries! In the 6 years we’ve been in business, we haven’t recorded A SINGLE instance of an account being blocked on Instagram because of Loopie. You can trust us!
The Loopie service will be activated on your Instagram account up to 3 business days after you complete your details in the Customer Panel.
Well, it may surprise you, but the effects are visible immediately! You just need to remember to add interesting content to your account. You know best what content should be on it. Get to work!
Don’t worry! Your data is safe with us. We have a wide range of security systems that comply with the GDPR. To date, we have not recorded a single complaint!
Of course! At Loopie, you have complete control over how much you pay and how long you want to use our service. You can cancel and renew your subscription at any time by logging into your account at under the My Subscriptions tab.
No. Loopie works on your behalf using your account on Instagram, making all the activities look like they were done by you.
You just need to have a profile picture added to your account and a minimum of 10 posts for us to get started effectively. Loopie doesn’t add content for you – you need to publish regularly yourself so that the followers you acquire stay with you for longer.

Are you using Loopie and want to switch to a different subscription? All you need to do is log in to the Customer Panel and under My Subscriptions click Manage. Here, you are just 3 steps away from making a change:

  1. After clicking Manage, you will see an option to Change Subscription – click it.
  2. Select a new plan to run by clicking on Order this plan next to the appropriate package.
  3. The order window will appear, check the data, and if everything is correct, confirm the order.

you will be charged for your subscription immediately when you change your subscription type.

If you already have a paid subscription and you change your subscription, the new package will be activated from the next billing period.

What are customers saying?

Loopie is awesome. I recommend to all those who are undecided/

For me, it’s about relationships with people and that’s why I have Insta. Loopie gives me more time to maintain my account and interact with my followers. This is a cool option for expanding your reach.

Our store is reaching new customers much faster since we have Loopie. It was a good choice.

Thanks to Loopie, I’ve increased my reach, reached new followers, and saved a lot of time. I recommend it to anyone who cares about gaining actual followers. PS: a big plus for being able to contact them quickly about anything 🙂

I have been using it for a long time and am super satisfied. My profile has started to grow much faster 🙂

I’ve only had Loopie for 3 weeks, but I’m already seeing results. I am very satisfied. The service department is very helpful

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